Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We make Domestic Outsourcing (outsourcing within India) a certain Possibility

We are a Private Limited Company located in Extreme southern city, Madurai in India. We offer chance for companies in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta, Bangalore where the cost of living and cost of recruitment and cost of employees is really huge A GREAT CHANCE TO CUT COSTS. we undertake domestic projects like backend tasks, data organization, customer support, local language technical support, English training services, online tutorials, practical writing, technical writing, copy writing, proof reading, web researching, online data and videos uploading etc at a very low cost thus favouring you to invest heavily in your front end business. Since we are located in the heart of the city, Madurai, we can be greatly accessible at any time.
Feel free to contact us for any service, we will boost your business ideas and will help you in every way to reduce your business cost. Kindly visit our website at http://www.hiyatechsolutions.com/ or skype Us at "hiyatechsolutions"

First technically advanced Indian offshore outsourcing company located in MADURAI

We offer all sorts of IT and ITES services including Software Development, Software Testing, Hardware Support, Web Designing, Web Development, Customer Chat support , Customer Email support, Technical chat support, technical email support, inbound voice support, Data mining, Data management, Data clinching, Data researching, Web researching, SEO services etc effectively and we have several International and Domestic Customers, we do not aim at making profit but to build a rock solid empire capable of providing complete outsourcing solutions and we have a motive of redefining the Outsourcing Industry.

Indian Outsourcing Industry will always grow and we are confident that our company will be spotted amongst the huge crowd just by our way of approach, through our cost effective Bid, by our enhanced set up. We employ those who have creative ideas combined with academic excellence records. We know our limitations and hence we can very well inform you in advance which projects we can undertake and those which cannot be taken.

We respect each and every customer and we treat their business as our business thues providing heart-touching services. We are prepared to undertake projects from all over the globe and our vision is to stamp the presence of our company globally. We are set to re iterate Indian IT, Bpo and KPO company standards through our straight forward approach.

For all those looking for outsoursing services providers , certianly our company will be the favourite one. We trust our customers and if you believe in us, kindly contact us through our website www.hiyatechsolutions.com or send an email to info@hiyatechpark.info