Sunday, October 3, 2010

Career at Hiya TechSolutions Madurai

We welcome adventurous people from every background. We dont look at your theoretical academic success or failure. Just prove us your practical success in IT or ITES services , you are hired.. (Provided you meet up our Communication expectations and technical stuff). We consider all the profiles sent to us seriously. Any enthusiasts in Chennai staying away from their Home and are willing to work in Madurai can send us your profiles. We will get back to you may be later but for sure.... We might be in need of many Web Developers, Web Designers , SEO experts, Web Application Developers, fluent Customer Care Agents, Technical Support personals, Software Programmers, Content Writers etc. We have openings in Web Developers jobs, Web Designers jobs , SEO experts jobs, Web Application Developers jobs, fluent Customer Care Agents jobs, Technical Support personals jobs, Software Programmers jobs, Content Writers jobs. Apply for our Jobs with Confidence and get hired. We dont pay people in any rigid scale, If you perform, get yourself rewarded. If you perform consistently, you never need to wait for your appraisals. We satisfy our employees as we do our clients.

HIYA TechSolutions Steps into IT services and smells success

Hiya TechSolutions have entered into the World if IT service and have started various Web Development , Web designing , Software development, Web Application Development, SEO application developmnet, Software development projects from around the Globe. We work for serious clients all over the Globe at a inevitable price delivering them rich work worth many 1000$. We target Customers and Companies that aim at enjoying the true advantages of outsourcing to Indian Companies. We Deliver work as prompted, as promised, at a fixed price. We aim at getting bigger and bigger and we have a huge online presence over various continents like Asia, Europe,Australia etc. We do what we say and we can prove our professionalism and mettle by exceeding the expectations of our client both in IT services and IT enabled services. We have CakePHP experts, PHP geeks, VB, C++, ASP.NET pros waiting to prove worthy for your business. We can start projects on time, deliver it on time.

We have expanded our wings and will stretch tight to meet up the expectations of our clients in both IT services and IT enabled services. We deal into Complex projects and have the habit of making it easy after few months. We commit into those which are subjected under our capabilities and we don't suppress ourselves until we come out with success.whether you need IT Support agents, Indian inbound support,offshore it bulk outsourcing, offshore web developers,freelance web designers,web application developers,ajax experts.php geeks, .Net pros,customer care agents etc feel free to reach us through our website  . Email us with your company, other details , requirements to get a quick quote within an hour. We do low cost services but at high quality. If you trust us and if you have any sorts of IT and ITES needs, ping us and rest assured, you will work with us and get benefited...